5G networks are spreading faster than expected

5G networks are spreading faster than expected
According to a recent report from Ericsson, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the global rollout of 5g wireless technology is moving much faster than expected. The company predicts that 60 % of the world's population will have access to 5G by 2026. According to the Swedish telecommunications equipment manufacturer, this is the fastest deployment of the new mobile network technology.

According to the report, there will be 218 million 5G users worldwide by the end of this year. Back in July, the company predicted that by the end of the year their number will reach 190 million By 2026, 3.5 billion people will use 5G worldwide, analysts say. Previously, the figure of 2.5 billion users of wireless networks of the 5th generation by 2025 was called.

Active deployment of 5G technology is taking place in the United States, China, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and several other countries. The high speed of the 5G connection opens up, among other things, the possibility of using more advanced technologies of self-driving cars and augmented reality, the report says.

It was assumed that 2020 will be the year of mass integration of 5G support in mobile devices of the most popular segment — the so-called initial segment. However, the coronavirus pandemic disrupted these plans. Nevertheless, COVID-19 has to some extent played into the hands of mobile service providers — they have actively deployed the infrastructure necessary to use 5G. In China, for example, broad 5G coverage has become one of the country's top domestic priorities. Despite the fact that many companies have already released their mobile devices with 5G support, the main driver of development is major players like Apple. The latter only recently released a new series of iPhone 12 smartphones with support for the new communication standard. According to analysts, this will be a significant incentive for long-term growth of 5G coverage.

According to Ericsson, more than 100 Telecom operators around the world currently support 5G networks. The leading market is China. In China, many companies are already ready to offer low-cost smartphones that cost up to $200 or even less with support for the new communication standard, while in the rest of the world, the price of such devices starts at about $300.
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