5G will open new opportunities for the developers of microchips


Leading developers of microchips with the advent of 5g will begin to change priorities, as reported by DigiTimes resource, referring to industry sources.

Currently, the largest smartphone manufacturers — Samsung Electronics, Huawei and Apple — are actively engaged in the development of their own mobile processors. This leads to a reduction in orders for products from suppliers such as Qualcomm, MediaTek and UNISOC (Spreadtrum).

On the other hand, with the deployment of commercial mobile networks of the fifth generation (5G), the demand for microchips for connected cars, the Internet of things, smart city systems, smart industries, etc. will increase dramatically.

Therefore, the developers of microchips will begin to expand the range of products and in parallel will be engaged in reorientation of markets.

It is expected that Qualcomm, MediaTek and UNISOC will offer solutions with 5G support not only for smartphones, but also for a wide range of other devices, including Autonomous driving systems, virtual and augmented reality platforms, various intelligent products, etc.
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