a miniature Game Boy clone less than an inch in size

a miniature Game Boy clone less than an inch in size
The introduction of the original portable Game Boy console to the market required the release of many accessories that increase the comfort of playing on small screens, such as magnifying lenses. However, there are enthusiasts who want to create even more miniature devices, for a normal game with which it may be necessary to use a microscope.

Back in 2014, Kevin Bates released a game console for Tetris, the size of a credit card. Next, he produced the proprietary Arduboy system, which is a clone of the Game Boy, based on Arduino with open source code. As a result, the developers created hundreds of free games for Arduboy, the size of which did not exceed the size of a business card, and the thickness - from 3 to 4 credit cards. It was the smallest game system. Until the presentation of the next development of Bates, who decided to subject Arduboy to the next stage of miniaturization.

The new Arduboy Nano console, less than an inch high, can stand on a quarter (quarter dollar coin) without completely covering the coin. Inside the case, which consists of three parts printed on a 3D printer, there is a 0.49-inch OLED display with a resolution of 2048 pixels. Autonomous operation is provided by a 25 mAh battery that guarantees one hour of play. The Arduboy Nano hardware system uses an ATmega 32u4 microcontroller, just like the Arduboy base console.
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