Amazon has started testing cameras with AI

Amazon has started testing cameras with AI
Amazon recently began testing artificial intelligence cameras in vehicles that deliver orders and cargo. The company claims that it does this in order to improve the safety of drivers, but the drivers themselves are not so optimistic.

The cameras are manufactured by Netradyne, a startup from San Diego (USA), and are installed in cargo vans under the Amazon brand of several companies participating in the Delivery Service Partner (DSP) partner program. In the future, the number of vans where the cameras will be installed will increase, and Amazon has already distributed a training video for participants of the DSP program with information about how they work.

"We are investing in the security of all our operations and have recently begun implementing industry — leading camera-based security technology for our entire delivery fleet," said Amazon spokeswoman Deborah Bass. — This technology will provide drivers with real-time alerts to help them stay safe when they are on the road."

The camera called Driveri is equipped with four lenses that capture the situation on the road, the driver's behavior and both sides of the car. The AI software used in the system is able to detect 16 different safety problems, including cases when drivers do not stop at a STOP sign, are distracted from driving, exceed the speed limit, brake sharply or do not fasten their seat belt. One of the drivers reported that the cameras can also detect when the driver is yawning.
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