AMD has clarified the compatibility of Ryzen 3000 with motherboards on Socket AM4

AMD has clarified the compatibility of Ryzen 3000 with motherboards on

Along with the formal announcement of The ryzen 3000 series of desktop chips and the accompanying X570 logic set, AMD found it necessary to clarify the compatibility of new processors with old motherboards and new motherboards with old Ryzen models. As it turns out, certain restrictions still exist, but we can not say that they can cause serious inconvenience.

When AMD has deduced on the market the platform Socket AM4 in 2016, she promised to maintain its commitment to this CPU socket until 2020. And now, after the announcement of new processors and a chipset it is possible to tell with certainty that in General this obligation continues to be carried out. Ryzen 3000 can really be installed in many Socket AM4 motherboards. Compatible boards based on logic sets X570, X470 or B450, the company promises to label with a special label "AMD Ryzen Desktop 3000 Ready". The presence of this label will allow buyers to Orient what fee will be able to work with the new processor "out of the box".

The General rule is that all x570-based boards will be able to work with the Ryzen 3000 without any additional conditions, and x470-based or B450-based boards will be able to accept new processors after a firmware upgrade performed either by the manufacturer at the factory or by the end user.

As for the earlier boards based on chipsets X370 and B350, for them AMD also promises selective compatibility, provided the use of some special beta BIOS. The existence of such firmware is not guaranteed, but depends on the will of a particular manufacturer. In other words, the owners of boards on the basis of the X370 and B350 with the desire of modernization of the system are advised to check the list of compatible processors and the beta BIOS versions on the manufacturer's website.
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