Android 9 Pie arrives Xiaomi Mi 8

Android 9 Pie arrives Xiaomi Mi 8
Chinese industrial giant Xiaomi has released an update to its MIUI shell, based on the deep revision of Android 9 Pie for Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition smartphones. For regular Xiaomi Mi 8, this update was already released a few weeks ago, now came the turn of more expensive models.

One of the main changes that this update brings is the adaptation to the newfangled design of screens with a cutout. In developer mode, it also integrates and optimizes the notification bar. In addition, the update further optimizes the efficiency of the entire system: for example, reduces application installation time, improves the smooth operation of the entire system, and overall improves performance. The update of Android 9 Pie, released for the Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition, limits access to unused applications to microphones, cameras and other sensors.

In addition, the new system can play HDR-videos from YouTube and Play Movies devices that support HDR VP9. HEIF provides higher quality image compression, while the multimedia APIs of Android 9 Pie have been rewritten to enhance the convenience of their third-party use. It's worth noting that this update also fixes the problem of slow Bluetooth unlocking. The update is designated as MIUI 10 8.9.20, and its size is 2 GB. So far, this update is available only for Chinese versions, but this means that the global wait is not long.
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