Android apps will come to Windows 10

Android apps will come to Windows 10
Microsoft can make Android apps and the Windows 10 operating system much closer to each other than it is currently implemented. Zac Bowden, an authoritative journalist and editor of WindowsCentral, spoke about the upcoming innovations.

According to Bowden, some sources told him that Microsoft is looking for opportunities to launch Android applications on Windows next year.

As Bowden clarifies, at the moment Microsoft is "playing" with bringing Android apps to the online Microsoft Store in Windows 10. More precise details about the feature are not yet known, but its debut is expected in 2021. Presumably, Windows 10 users will be able to actually run Android apps.

Note that Microsoft has already launched in the fall the ability to broadcast applications on Windows 10 from Android smartphones — through the your Phone app (Your phone), the user can work on a computer with applications from a smartphone, performing a number of actions in mobile applications directly on the PC. In fact, you can "launch" Android apps from your smartphone via Your Phone in a separate window on your PC, as well as pin them to the taskbar and start menu-just like regular computer programs.

In addition to the fact that the functionality of this solution is still far from ideal, the function only works with selected Samsung smartphones.
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