Android TV now supports 8K on YouTube

Android TV now supports 8K on YouTube
The YouTube video service team has brought 8K video support to users of smart TVs running on the Android TV platform.

TV with a resolution of 8K is now no surprise, although they have not yet become a ubiquitous decoration of modern apartments. However, the YouTube app for Android TV was limited to 4K resolution. Now the situation will change.

The YouTube update version 2.12.08 brought 8K support for Android TV based on Android 10 and higher. It is noted that while support for 8K is distributed in a limited amount, which is quite understandable-there are few TVs with the Android 10 update installed, as well as 8K models.

The update also brings support for Cast Connect, Displaying YouTube Music screensavers, improved resolution selection, fixing various errors, and so on.
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