Apple's mixed reality headset will get two 8K displays

Apple's mixed reality headset will get two 8K displays
Today, The Information published new details about the upcoming mixed reality glasses from Apple. The first rumors about working on the Apple headset appeared quite a long time ago and at the moment the company is conducting one of the final stages of testing it.

According to The Information, which has links to a certain source from Apple working on this project, the mixed reality glasses will have two built-in displays with a resolution of 8K. This is a very important point, because the low resolution negatively affects the perception of the image, given that the eyepieces are located in front of the eyes at a distance of several centimeters. And at the moment, there are no mixed reality headsets with such a matrix resolution on the market yet. More than a dozen cameras will be placed on the device body to capture the environment and display it on integrated displays. These cameras will also be used to track hand movements. Inside, special sensors will be installed to track eye movement.

To properly scale virtual objects, the glasses are also equipped with high-precision LiDAR scanners, which are now used in the older iPhone and iPad Pro. As for the hardware filling, it is known that Apple is developing its own family of chips for glasses.
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