Apple AirPods Max were in short supply despite the high price

Apple AirPods Max were in short supply despite the high price
Apple's AirPods Max wireless headphones, which were announced this week, are among the most expensive in their segment with a price of $549 (62,990 rubles in Russia). However, judging by the delivery time to Apple's online stores, they are sold "like hot cakes". However, this can be explained by the limited stock of AirPods Max due to the recent start of their production.

Currently, airpods Max takes 12-14 weeks to ship to the US, regardless of which color you choose. This means that users no longer have a chance of getting them by Christmas. If you place an order now, they will be delivered around March.

According to the Mashable resource, the situation is slightly better in the UK, where most AirPods Max models are delivered on pre-order in three weeks. In Australia, delivery of most models of headphones takes from five to six weeks. Only AirPods Max in silver color can be received in three weeks.

Oddly enough, AirPods Max are delivered much faster if you add an engraving. This reduces the delivery time for most models in the United States to six to seven weeks. However, this trick doesn't work in the UK and Australia.

It's not entirely clear why the engraved AirPods Max headphones are delivered faster, but it looks like Apple has allocated a certain number of devices for those who choose this option.
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