Apple has patented a flexible screen with a self-healing coating

Apple has patented a flexible screen with a self-healing coating
According to network sources, the future folding iPhone can be equipped with a flexible display with the ability to independently restore scuffs and small scratches that inevitably appear during operation. This is confirmed by Apple's patent, which describes a flexible display with a "self-healing" function.

Apple has been working on a foldable iPhone for the past few years, and during this time, developers have studied various options for implementing their plans, including using a collapsible display. One of the main problems faced by developers is that the flexible screen must have special protection against damage when folded or rolled into a tube.

A recently discovered Apple patent called "Electronic devices with flexible display cover layers" says that future iPhones may have screens with both rigid and flexible display areas that use what the company calls "self-healing".

How this technology will work is still difficult to say, since the patent provides for different options for its implementation. Apple assumes that the display can take up the entire front surface of the smartphone, but it will consist of three parts. It is assumed that the flexible part of the display will be placed in the middle, while the usual panels will be used at the edges.

"During the operation of an electronic device, scratches or scuffs may appear on its cover layer. To improve the appearance of an electronic device, you need to minimize the presence of scratches and dents. To reduce the number of dents, scratches and other defects, the cover layer of the display may contain self — healing material," the patent description says.

Apple's patent covers several uses for self-healing material, and it also says that this technology can be used in different types of devices, including laptops, smartphones and smart watches. It is also possible to use a single flexible display instead of a configuration with a bendable part in the middle. The General detail in each of these cases is that multi-layer displays are supposed to be used.

It is difficult to say whether any of these ideas will be implemented in practice. In any case, this year's presentation of the foldable iPhone is not expected.
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