Apple has patented a mobile device powered by a hydrogen fuel cell

Apple has patented a mobile device powered by a hydrogen fuel cell
According to recent data, Apple is exploring hydrogen fuel cells for mobile devices as an alternative to conventional batteries. These elements are designed to significantly increase the battery life of devices. In addition, they are much more environmentally friendly compared to conventional batteries.

Information about new developments reveals the recently published patent of the California company. The application is unusual in that Apple refers to environmental and political issues that prompted the company to start research in this area. In the patent, Apple claims that the use of alternative energy sources will reduce the US dependence on the Middle East, which supplies most of the fossil fuel, as well as reduce the risks associated with offshore drilling. Apple does not call hydrogen fuel cells ideal, but says that this direction is very promising.

However, at this stage, Apple does not use such batteries because of their prohibitive cost. The company claims that with the current level of technology development, it is very difficult to develop hydrogen fuel cells that are portable and cost-effective enough to be used in mobile devices. The patent also deals with the development of a portable and economical fuel cell system and the conversion of hydrogen-based fuel into electricity for a compact computing device.

Unfortunately, the developments presented in the patent application are very raw at this stage. Apple has not yet decided what to do with waste from hydrogen processing. Also, the more or less exact time of operation from such elements is not specified. The text only says that hydrogen batteries will be able to provide Autonomous operation of devices for several days or even weeks.
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