Apple is preparing six devices with a mini-LED display

Apple is preparing six devices with a mini-LED display
Well-known analyst Min Chi-Kuo, who specializes in Apple, spoke about the company's plans to release the first device with mini — LED in the near future-it will be the new iPad Pro.

According to the analyst, mass production of the iPad Pro with mini-LED will begin in the fourth quarter of 2020. So it will most likely be presented in early 2021. This is reported by MacRumors with reference to the analyst's report.

Mini-LED is a new generation of displays that combine the features of OLED with the transmission of a real black color, but without fading. This was achieved by using miniature led lights that can be dimmed or completely turned off locally.

In the near future, Apple is preparing six devices with mini-LED — iPad Pro 12.9, iMac Pro 27, MacBook Pro 14.1, MacBook Pro 16, iPad 10.2 and iPad Mini 7.9. Min Chi-Kuo suggests that next year the company will have 30-40% of tablets and 20-30% of laptops will be delivered with new displays.

At the same time, it is not yet known how the new mini-LED displays will affect the price of tablets and laptops, and whether Apple plans to introduce them to smartphones.
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