ASUS has offered various options for smartphones in the format of "double slider»

ASUS has offered various options for smartphones in the format of "dou

In April, it was reported that ASUS is designing smartphones in the "double slider"format. And now, according to the resource LetsGoDigital, these data have been confirmed by the world intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

We are talking about the devices in which the front panel with the display can be shifted relative to the back of the body and up and down. This will allow you to access, say, a hidden front camera, additional dynamics and any other components.

WIPO patent documentation suggests that ASUS is considering various options for the organization of elements installed in the field of sliding sections. For example, a different arrangement can have the dual lens the front camera .

In the back of all devices is a double camera with optical units installed horizontally. A flash is placed between these modules.

Smartphones do not have a visible fingerprint scanner on the images accompanying the patent documentation. This means that the corresponding module can be integrated directly into the display area.

About when ASUS smartphones in the performance of "double slider" may appear on the commercial market, nothing is reported.
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