Audi will present an electric car at the 2022 Dakar rally

Audi will present an electric car at the 2022 Dakar rally
Audi has announced its intention to return to the rally. The German automaker presented a prototype of an electric SUV that will take part in the Dakar rally in 2022.

"Audi will answer one of the most serious challenges in Motorsport: the four-ring brand will take part in the famous Dakar rally for the first time in 2022 with an innovative prototype, "the company said in a statement. - The alternative drive concept combines for the first time an electric transmission with a high-voltage battery and a high-efficiency energy Converter. Cross-country racing is becoming the focus of Audi's attention in Motorsport."

At the same time, the first image of the electric car that the company plans to display at the rally was published. The technologies that the manufacturer will develop for the rally car are planned to be used in mass-produced electric vehicles in the future.

The company also confirmed that participation in the rally will replace its formula e competition.

The source recalls that electric cars have already participated in the "Dakar"more than once. The first electric car to complete the rally in 2017 was the Acciona prototype.
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