AWS crash hits thousands of online services

AWS crash hits thousands of online services
A number of Amazon Web Services (AWS), the cloud division of Amazon and the main provider of Internet infrastructure services, experienced a major failure on Wednesday, November 25, causing problems for thousands of other online services and sites.

The failure affected almost all major cloud software applications that use AWS servers, from Adobe Spark to Roku and from Flickr to Autodesk. Among the sites that reported problems on the DownDetector page were also Ring, Prime Music, Pokemon Go,, League of Legends,, Chime and many others. Errors were reported by Tribune Publishing, the Baltimore Sun, and the Chicago Tribune.

Amazon Web Services indicated in a notification on the status page that there were problems in the US-EAST-1 region with the Kinesis service, used for aggregating and analyzing large amounts of data in real time, which led to an "increase in the number of errors" for a number of websites. The shutdown also affected AWS ' ability to publish updates on the status page.

Although many of these apps and sites do not use AWS Kinesis, Amazon noted that the Kinesis issue actually caused other company services to malfunction, resulting in errors in 27 other AWS products.

However, the main AWS customers, including Apple, Slack and Netflix, do not seem to have been affected by this failure.

This was the first major failure for AWS since 2017, when a number of websites "froze" due to problems in the same US-EAST-1 region.

AWS services are now back to normal.
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