Best Buy accidentally sold a new version of the Google Chromecast

Best Buy accidentally sold a new version of the Google Chromecast
Google is still cant cope with the secrecy of their products that is going to be presented on October 9th. For example, even video reviews have already been released on Pixel smartphones of the next generation. And recently, a participant of the Reddit forum under the pseudonym Groove Street Home managed to buy the third generation of the chromecast in Best Buy — the store mistakenly put it up for sale.

Google Chromecast

This device is only slightly different from the model of 2015 (which completely changed the design). It's still the same round device on a short cord, only with a matte surface, and the Chrome logo is replaced by the almost ubiquitous now on new devices the letter "G". Technical innovations are more interesting.

It's hardly just a visual upgrade, especially given that the US Federal communications Commission recently certified a new Chromecast that includes Bluetooth support and possibly a more powerful Wi-Fi transmitter. It is not clear how Google will use Bluetooth, but there were rumors that company is working on a system of streaming games — in this case, the interface can be used to connect the controller. The explanation could also be the appearance on the platform Android TV.
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