Bosch has developed the world's fastest COVID-19 test

Bosch has developed the world's fastest COVID-19 test
The German company is confident that their development will be useful for mobile testing sites when operational results are required.

The German company said that they managed to create a test based on PCR, which will allow you to find out the result in 39 minutes.

This test becomes the fastest in the world, based on the method of polymerase chain reaction.

The device that detects the SARS-CoV-2 pathogen is called Vivalytic, and as the company is sure, it can be used in airports, Parking lots and other places where an operational result is required.

The analytical device was developed by Bosch with the support of the Ministry of education and science, and it is already available in Europe.

The accuracy of the new product is 98%, while the German company says that it will continue to improve it.
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