British scientists to develop smart charger for electric planes

British scientists to develop smart charger for electric planes
British startup Vertical Aerospace has signed an agreement with specialists from the University of Warwick to develop an intelligent charger for electric aircraft with vertical take-off and landing. The Project is funded by the UK Institute of aerospace technology (ATI). The project is designed for two years. It promises to make flights safer and longer.

As noted in the press release, in recent years, industry and science have gained tremendous experience in creating chargers and battery maintenance in the field of electric vehicles. This experience will necessarily be transferred and developed in relation to the operation of electric aircraft. Today, developers of electric aircraft directly borrow developments from the automotive industry, but to improve flight safety, it is necessary to move further.

Electric aircraft should get completely new chargers with their own algorithms for assessing faults, charge levels, monitoring and evaluating the flight situation. This will not only improve flight safety, but also pave the way for longer flight distances and better economic returns from batteries. For example, pre-flight battery diagnostics and maintenance planning should become easier and more informative.

The project cost is estimated at 2.3 million pounds. As a result of the development, the partners will create one or more sets of smart charger for VA-1X Vertical Aerospace five-seat electric air taxis. These devices are planned to be lifted into the sky for testing in 2024. We add that at the beginning of this year, the chief engineer of Vertical Aerospace was a leading specialist from Rolls-Royce Tim Williams (Tim Williams). The UK needs electric air transport, as the authorities of this country have made a bet on the speedy transfer of the economy to "zero emission" of carbon dioxide.
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