Canon has confirmed the theft of personal data of employees

Canon has confirmed the theft of personal data of employees
In August of this year, several dozen online services of Canon were hacked by a group of hackers who allegedly stole about 10 TB of various information and demanded a ransom for it. At that time, Canon itself did not confirm the hacking of its servers, but said that it was investigating the incident. Three months later, Canon finally admitted that it survived the hacker attack, and also told about what information was stolen.

According to the Canon Watch resource, which first drew attention to the official statement of Canon, in the period from July 20 to August 6, 2020, attackers could get information about current and former employees of the company who worked and worked in the American office of Canon, as well as in its subsidiaries in the period from 2005 to 2020.

It is explained that the information contains information about representatives and official employees of the company, including their social security numbers, driver's license data, passport data, data on personal accounts for payment of wages, as well as electronic signature data.

Canon said it immediately dealt with the incident by contacting a cybersecurity company for help, and also contacted law enforcement agencies to help with the investigation.

To help those whose information was stolen during a hacker attack, Canon also offers a free subscription to the credit monitoring service, which will help detect "possible misuse of a person's personal information and provide them with personal data protection services."
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