Canon Pixma Pro 200 Photo Printer

Canon Pixma Pro 200 Photo Printer
Canon has announced the release of the Pixma Pro 200, a fast, lightweight, and compact color printer. According to the manufacturer, this printer is suitable for both Amateur and professional photographers. It supports paper of various textures and sizes, up to A3+, and borderless printing. It uses an 8-color water-soluble ink printing system. In the Canon catalog, the new product will replace the Pixma Pro 100S model.

The advantages of the Pixma Pro 200 include high print speed — 90 seconds is enough to get an A3+ print, as well as the presence of a three-inch display. In addition, the manufacturer notes the availability of print acceleration features, including integration with the Canon Professional Print & Layout software included in the delivery package. The Pixma Pro 200 is equipped with a Wi-Fi interface that simplifies printing from mobile devices.

The printer weighs 14.1 kg and is 15 % smaller than the Pixma Pro 100S model mentioned above. This allows you to place the printer on your desktop at home or in the Studio.
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