CATL has developed non-flammable lithium batteries

CATL has developed non-flammable lithium batteries
The ignition of a battery pack made of lithium-containing batteries can be considered one of the most dangerous factors that aggravate the consequences of an electric vehicle accident. Seat belts, airbags, and bodywork can save a person's life, but a burst battery may not give them a chance to leave the car. But even a slight deformation of the battery cell body can cause it and the entire unit to ignite.

Recently, the Chinese company CATL — the country's largest manufacturer of lithium — containing batteries-announced through its Chairman of the Board of Directors that the development of non-flammable lithium batteries has been successfully completed. Production of fire-safe batteries will begin before the end of the year in sufficient volume to allow new batteries to appear in some models of electric vehicles.

According to one of China's national safety standards, the battery must not ignite for at least five minutes after being damaged. This will allow the driver to leave the car in an accident or rescuers to safely remove the injured driver. A damaged CATL battery cell of the new DESIGN does not ignite, but only smokes. Even if one of the cells in the battery pack ignites, its neighbors in the block will not emit a flame, but will only emit smoke.

Which of the electric vehicles will soon receive non-flammable CATL lithium batteries is not reported. In addition to supplying batteries to Chinese companies, CATL supplies battery cells to Tesla and a number of European automakers.
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