Chinese spy chips found in the Apple and Amazon servers

Chinese spy chips

According to Bloomberg, Chinese spies have infiltrated the supply chain of servers used by nearly 30 US companies, including government contractors, Apple and Amazon. The servers hosted spyware. It is reported that the attack was carried out through the American company SuperMicro Computer Inc, known as Supermicro.

This operation is perhaps the most daring example of hacking equipment at the state level — one of the units of the Chinese armed forces forced Chinese manufacturers to insert microchips into servers supplied to the United States. Chips, the size of a grain of rice, took control of the equipment, filtering the data and entering the "Trojan" code.

The newspaper writes that Amazon and Apple uncovered the attack after an internal investigation and reported it to the US authorities. The specifics of the compromised information is not reported. However, at this stage, Amazon and Apple strongly refute the facts given in the Bloomberg article.
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