Chrome for Android returns screenshots in incognito mode

Chrome for Android returns screenshots in incognito mode
The ability to create screenshots in Google Chrome for Android when working in incognito mode disappeared in 2018. With the release of Chrome 65, users could not do this, and the developers explained this step as a desire to increase the level of privacy. It seems that the situation may change soon, since the beta version of Chrome 89 has the ability to activate the function of creating screenshots in incognito mode.

Currently, when you try to take a screenshot in Chrome for Android in incognito mode, a message appears notifying you that this feature is not available. The idea behind disabling screenshots is that usually using incognito mode assumes that the user doesn't want to save their browsing history and other data. At the same time, a screenshot may be proof that the user visited a particular resource. It is worth noting that other Android browsers, such as Firefox, allow you to activate the "Allow screenshots in private mode" option if necessary, which allows you to take screenshots on tabs running in incognito mode.
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