Dell plans to start releasing gaming hardware under the Alienware brand

Dell plans to start releasing gaming hardware under the Alienware brand
hardware under the Alienware brand

Dell is planning to launch the production of components for desktop gaming computers under its trademark Alienware. This brand is strongly associated with users with high-performance gaming laptops and desktop computers, and more recently under this brand is also produced various peripherals like gaming headsets and monitors. But progress on the Dell doesn't plan to stop.

As mentioned above, the brand has a solid Foundation for the development of components for gaming computers in the market. Motherboards, memory modules, graphics cards, Alienware enclosures and many other components would clearly be in demand. But despite the fact that the brand is very recognizable, Frank Azor (Frank Azor), General Manager of Alienware, Dell Gaming and XPS, noted that any expansion into markets still unknown to the company should be well thought out. All risks and scenarios should be taken into account. From these words we can conclude that the manufacturer will not rush.

But more importantly, the representative of Dell said that Alienware will not engage in banal rebranding devices of other companies. In other words, if Dell will release under the brand Alienware any components, they will be developed by itself. It promises the emergence of interesting and unique solutions, but the development will take time. So this point indicates that in the near future the appearance of hardware Alienware on the shelves should not wait.
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