Developer of advanced traction batteries QuantumScape became a public company

Developer of advanced traction batteries QuantumScape became a public company
Founded in 2010, QuantumScape has so far been content with the private equity market, with investors including the bill gates Foundation, Volkswagen and Chinese carmaker SAIC, as well as auto parts supplier Continental. Going public allowed QuantumScape to raise another $1 billion.

It has not yet reached the mass production of QuantumScape batteries, but the developers are betting on a unique cell architecture with a solid-state electrolyte and anode materials without graphite and silicon. The batteries created by the company also do not have an organic separator, which is a source of fire hazard in traditional lithium-ion batteries. The separator in these batteries is also solid-state and non-flammable.

The new type of battery should have a longer service life and the ability to restore 80 % of the charge in fifteen minutes. The charge storage density should also exceed the performance of lithium-ion analogues. In fact, the developers expect to achieve a density of 400-500 W * h / kg, bypassing the existing solutions by one and a half to two times.

Development of QuantumScape impressed one of the founders of Tesla JB Straubel (JB Straubel), who agreed to join the Board of Directors of the company. It managed to enter the public capital market by purchasing another public company. In recent years, many startups have used this technique as an alternative to the lengthy process of preparing for a public offering. It is hoped that access to the capital market will allow QuantumScape to bring its promising ideas to the stage of practical implementation.
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