Difference between the Corsair 5000D and 5000D Airflow cases

Difference between the Corsair 5000D and 5000D Airflow cases
Corsair has not yet introduced the 5000d and 5000D Airflow cases, but information published by one of the Romanian stores allows you to get an idea of these models.

Resembling the 4000 series models, the new enclosures are larger and more spacious. The difference between the Corsair 5000D and 5000d Airflow cases is in the front panel. In the first case, it is solid, with air intakes in the second-mesh, to improve ventilation.

Inside the case, the dimensions 520 x 520 x 245 mm are divided vertically. The lower compartment contains a power supply and a basket for two 3.5-or 2.5-inch drives. Three more 2.5-inch drives can be mounted in the upper compartment, on the system Board tray. The case can accommodate cards up to E-ATX and expansion cards up to 42 cm long. The maximum allowable height of the processor cooling system is 17 cm. In addition to the seven regular expansion card slots, there are two slots for vertical mounting of the video card so that it is better visible through the tempered glass side panel.

Three 120 mm or two 140 mm fans can be mounted on the front wall. Mounting points for three 120 mm fans are located next to the system Board tray — alternatively, you can install a radiator with three fans. Three more 120 mm or two 140 mm fans are placed on top, and one 120 mm fan is placed on the back. The kit includes two 120 mm fans and a 6-port PWM-controlled fan hub. The I / o panel has two USB 3.x Type a connectors, one USB 3.x Type C, and a combined audio connector.
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