Different PlayStation 5 uses different fans

Different PlayStation 5 uses different fans
The new-generation consoles were very quiet. The PlayStation 5 is slightly inferior to the competition in this matter, but it is still much quieter than the PlayStation 4 Pro.

However, you can find different user comments on the Web. Someone does not hear the new console at all, but someone still notices the noise. It turned out that it's not about the different hearing acuity of users.

The source took five PS5 consoles, disassembled them, and found that they used different fans. Not all of them, but three consoles used one type of fan, and two used a slightly different one. Moreover, one type of fan is actually quieter-hence the difference in user comments. However, the difference is not particularly large: 39 and 43 dBA at the body itself.

Interestingly, the official video of Sony with the disassembly of the console featured another fan, but the authors did not come across such a fan. Either there are really three of them, or the one shown in that video didn't end up in the series.

You can not find out about the type of fan in advance before buying - only by disassembling it.
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