DrawBo will teach children to draw

DrawBo will teach children to draw
The new DrawBo gadget developed by the startup of the same name and launched on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform will help teach children the basics of drawing. Personal drawing teacher DrawBo, made in the form of a butterfly robot, will distract children from the computer and instill drawing skills using traditional tools: pencil and paper.

It only takes a few minutes to prepare the DrawBo robot for operation. On a vertical surface, you should attach a marker Board, a sheet of paper, or other surface on which the robot could conduct drawing lessons. In the upper corners of the surface, glue one of the hooks supplied in the DrawBo kit and attach the cords to them, which are then connected to the robot's movement system. By alternately changing the length of the output cord, the butterfly robot "flutters" over the entire drawing surface.

In the center of the mechanical drawing teacher is a hole in which, perpendicular to the plane of the butterfly robot, a marker, pencil or pen is inserted, pointing the writing end to the drawing surface. DrawBo receives energy for movement from the electrical network, and moves along the surface in accordance with the program set in a special application.

The basis of the methodology for teaching children using DrawBo is the division of the drawing into separate, sequential strokes. Drawing after the robot controlled by artificial intelligence, the child will be able to master the basics of drawing on the example of 500 drawings offered by the startup, delivered in a special application on a smartphone. Using this app, you can not only select a drawing sample, but also control the speed of the robot's movement, which is necessary for teaching kids with different degrees of training and different ages.

The team from California that developed the butterfly robot has already collaborated with such well-known companies as Yahoo, Oracle and Microsoft. The new DrawBo device can be ordered on Kickstarter for $ 149, and it will cost up to $ 200 at retail.
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