EHang, the Chinese introduced a cargo drone-drone

EHang, the Chinese introduced a cargo drone-drone
The Chinese company EHang continues to develop a line of unmanned aerial drones. Based on the motor-rotor scheme of the previously created EHang 216 drone, which can carry up to two people, a cargo drone has been developed for short-and medium-distance cargo transportation. The EHang 216L model is capable of carrying up to 200 kg of payload through the air. The flight range is not reported in the press release, but, according to previous information, we are talking about delivery at distances up to 50 km.

The EHang 216L air Autonomous truck uses the same engine layout as the EHang 216 air taxi — 16 electric motors with their propellers on eight racks. Such a scheme provides sufficient redundancy in case of failure of part of the electric motors or part of the power (battery) installation. The truck lost its passenger cabin and received a cargo compartment. Nothing extra.

The weight of 200 kg seems small for transportation in urban conditions, but air delivery can theoretically be carried out in a straight line, which is important for transporting something extremely necessary in the shortest possible time. Also, air cargo delivery will be extremely useful in mountainous areas, where the roads are so unpredictable that the distance within the line of sight can be overcome for hours. For example, tea producers can benefit from air logistics.

However, there are quite a lot of scenarios for the effective use of air cargo drones. According to Frost & Sullivan analysts, the global urban air logistics market may grow to $46 billion a year by 2023 (the estimated average annual growth rate will be 740%). China, in particular, promises to become the largest regional market in the world with a share of about 45 % of the global market for unmanned aerial logistics services.
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