EK releases a bracket for vertical mounting of the video card

EK releases a bracket for vertical mounting of the video card
EK, a company specializing in components for computer cooling systems, has introduced a bracket for vertical mounting of the video card. The manufacturer notes that the design of the product uses developments for which a patent application is filed.

The EK-Loop Vertical GPU Holder bracket differs from other similar solutions in that two mounting points of the ATX system Board are used for additional stability of the video card. Before installing the bracket, two plastic racks are installed at the ATX mounting points. They protect the Board and allow you to mount the bracket even on boards with high enough radiators and decorative covers.

In addition, the EK bracket is favourably characterized by a greater thickness of parts, which provides increased rigidity and reliability of the structure. More specifically, the material is a 1.5 mm thick steel sheet.

The EK-Loop bracket is suitable for ATX cases with an open layout in the area of PCIe mounting strips (at least six free slots are required). The video card can be with a single or double mounting plate. The height of the cooling system does not matter. The included PCIe Gen 3.0 adapter cable is 200 mm long.

Later, EK promises to release a version of the EK-Loop Vertical GPU Holder – Shifted, compatible with cases where there are slats between the slots. Now for vertical installation of the video card in such a case, you have to cut the bars, and the new bracket will allow you to do without modifying the case. It is all slightly shifted from the wall of the case, so that there is space for connecting the display cable. This version will come with a special 1.8 m long Display Port 1.4 cable with a corner connector.
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