Ekto One boots will help you "move around" in the virtual world

Ekto One boots will help you
Virtual reality is increasingly used in modern gaming and practical applications. Gamers, moving into the virtual world, get into a rather ambiguous situation when the virtual hero moves in the computer space, and the player has to stay in place.

Simultaneous stay in two worlds - real and virtual, negatively affects the orientation system of the player and during prolonged work disorients him and leads to motion sickness or a collision with real obstacles.

The device offered by Ekto VR in the form of wearable robotic boots, which work in accordance with the user's movements in the VR headset and allows you to keep him in the center of the room, can partially solve the problem of movement in the real world of a player who is in virtual space.

The design of the Ekto One Boots provides for the installation of rotating plates on the soles that unfold in the direction of the player's movement. When performing a step movement, the wheel set rolls the gamer's foot in the opposite direction to the movement in virtual space. Thus, the player retains the feeling of movement, but in real life, he continues to tread on the spot. When the hero stops, the wheels stop, keeping the user's balance.

The boots are made of carbon fiber and, according to the developers, are light enough not to tire the player during a long stay in the computer world. HTC Vive Tracker is used for tracking movement in virtual reality. The only drawback currently is that the speed of movement in the virtual world is too slow, supported by boots. Dynamic games are not yet suitable for using Ekto One.
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