EnGenius Networks: market leader in Wi-Fi 6

EnGenius Networks: market leader in Wi-Fi 6
The new family of wireless standards 802.11 ax, now increasingly called Wi-Fi 6 (including the promising Wi-Fi 6e) is, objectively speaking, a new word in the organization of local wireless networks. This standard is the first to seriously exceed the capabilities of wired Gigabit Ethernet, but in addition to high speeds, it also contains a number of innovations that increase the efficiency of Wi-Fi in General.

Both home users and owners of small and medium-sized offices can benefit from the transition to Wi-Fi 6, and EnGenius Networks has been helping them do this for a long time. This Taiwanese network equipment manufacturer is one of the most prominent enthusiasts and pioneers of Wi-Fi 6 and actively promotes new standards in the world of local wireless networks. EnGenius has a very solid experience of working with wireless equipment and radio communications in General, accumulated by the parent company Senao International since the early nineties of the last century. In 2006, Senao Networks was created within the Senao holding company, fully focused on the development of network equipment, which now supplies the market with equipment under the EnGenius brand. Despite the General trend of moving production to mainland China, EnGenius products are manufactured in Taiwan, and the company is deservedly proud of the quality of its products.

An interesting fact is that Senao's production base was chosen as a major OEM/ODM supplier of Wi-Fi solutions under its own brand by a number of well-known Western network equipment manufacturers, including class A+brands.
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