Europe voted for iFixit

Europe voted for iFixit
On Wednesday, the European Parliament voted in favor of a new policy aimed at "developing and introducing mandatory labeling to provide consumers with clear, visible and easy-to-understand information about the expected service life and repair capability of a product at the time of purchase." 395 people voted for this decision, 94 voted against it, and 207 abstained.

Europe voted for the iFixit approach. New electronics will now be marked with a maintainability rating
We hope this will lead to rapid action to introduce a mandatory maintainability index for all electrical and electronic products sold in the EU, to help consumers shop with confidence. - Ugo Vallauri, co-founder of the Restart project

Starting in January, France will launch repairability stickers for smartphones, laptops and other electronics. Austria will also reduce taxes on repair services and offer subsidies for consumer repairs. This sticker will indicate the maintainability rating on a 10-point system.

A survey conducted back in 2014 found that 77% of Europeans surveyed would rather repair devices than replace them. 79% of respondents agree that manufacturers should make it easier to repair their devices and replace parts.
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