Facebook introduced video-calling gadgets Portal and Portal+

Facebook introduced video-calling gadgets Portal and Portal+
Facebook Portal and Portal+

It has long been rumored that Facebook is also thinking about intelligent speakers with touch screens, and the company finally introduced their solutions. Portal and Portal+ are new devices for video calls, which have built-in speakers, rather large touch screens, cameras and microphones.

Portal is equipped with a 10.1-inch display and 10-watt speakers. And the large Portal+ has a 15.6-inch full HD swivel display combined with 20-watt speakers and a four-inch subwoofer. Both devices support the command "Hey, Portal" for voice control.

Both Portals has also included features such as Smart Call and Smart Sound. With the first, the built-in camera automatically enlarges and pans the frame for all video chat participants. The Smart Sound feature mutes background noise while amplifying the voice of people who are talking.

Portal and Portal+ support the integration of Spotify and Pandora, and the devices are, of course, designed to use Facebook features. This means that a person can easily start a video call in Facebook Messenger, or view various content in their own social streaming service — Facebook Watch.

There is also an option to completely turn off the camera and microphone with one touch. Portal devices support the ability to add an access code that can contain between four and twelve characters.

Facebook says the Smart Camera and Smart Sound smart features work locally, and therefore don't transmit data to the social network. Facebook also notes that the new device is not "listening, not viewing and not keep the content of the video calls to remote servers", and all transmitted data is encrypted. There are also no facial recognition features built into the devices.

Both devices can already be pre-ordered via Facebook and Amazon, and deliveries will begin in the US in November. Facebook Portal costs $200 and Portal+ $350. If you buy two devices at once on pre-order, you can save $100.
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