Fiat has promised that 60% of its cars will be electric in 2021

Fiat has promised that 60% of its cars will be electric in 2021
By the end of next year, 60 % of models of cars under the Fiat brand of Italian-American automaker Fiat Chrysler Automobiles will be electrified, that is, hybrid or fully electric, said on Tuesday the head of the EMEA region of the Fiat, Lancia and Abarth brands Luca Napolitano (Luca Napolitano). He noted that this will be better than the average in the automotive market.

Although Fiat Chrysler owns a number of car brands, Napolitano's statement applies only to Fiat models. Given the fact that the former head of the carmaker Sergio Marchionne (Sergio Marchionne )was quite skeptical about electric cars, claiming that the company loses $14,000 for every sold electric car Fiat 500e, this can be called a significant change in the strategy of Fiat. Especially since only three years ago, Marchionne declared that " electrification is not an option."

However, the model range of the Fiat brand is quite small. It mainly covers various configurations of its popular 500 hatchback, including the L X and C models. Fiat also offers a two-seat rear-wheel drive 124 Spider convertible Roadster, small Tipo and Panda city cars, a Qubo compact van, and a larger Doblo van. Including the New 500 electric car, this list covers about ten models.
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