Five Vivo and iQOO models will get OriginOS soon

Five Vivo and iQOO models will get OriginOS soon
Last month, Chinese mobile phone manufacturer Vivo introduced a new proprietary Android-based OriginOS shell, and now the company has started recruiting beta testers among owners of the first supported smartphones.

According to the officially published list, 33 models of Vivo and iQOO smartphones will be updated to OriginOS in China. Owners of such smartphones will be the first to try out OriginOS:

vivo X50
vivo S7
vivo NEX 3S
iQOO Neo3

A set of beta testers among the owners of the above-mentioned phones will be held from December 1 to December 10. At the initial stage, only 200 people will be selected among the owners of each model. the beta test will start on December 15.

OriginOS offers a reinterpreted widget system, an expanded gesture system, memory optimization, and a completely new visual component. OriginOS features 26 gestures and their combinations. There is also a SuperCard that can be called at any time (even when the screen is off) for quick and easy mobile payments. OriginOS will ship with Multi-Turbo 5.0, a set of memory optimization tools. Memory Fusion allows you to add 3 GB of additional virtual RAM by compressing data in flash memory. It is also possible to optimize memory usage so that the software requires less RAM from the very beginning. Finally, preloading the app speeds up the app launch by guessing which app you will open next and preparing the necessary data.
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