General Motors and Honda will develop robomobile together

General Motors and Honda robomobile

Cruise, General Motors and Honda announced an agreement on cooperation in the field of technology for self-driving vehicles.

Cruise is a division of General Motors for the development of robotic cars. The auto giant announced the purchase of this startup in 2016.

It is reported that Honda will work closely with General Motors to create self-driving cars for the Cruise. It is anticipated that these robomobile can perform various functions. The partners intend to master the mass production of such vehicles.

Over the next twelve years, Honda will invest $2 billion in relevant research and development. in addition, it is said about investments in Cruise in the amount of $750 million.

It should be noted that General Motors and Honda also cooperate in the field of electric vehicles. Companies, in particular, are developing a new generation of batteries that will increase the power reserve of electric cars.
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