GIGABYTE has introduced a set of RAM DDR4-2666


GIGABYTE has announced a new set of RAM DDR4 standard for desktop computers.

The kit includes two modules with a capacity of 8 GB each. Thus, the total volume is 16 GB.

Memory operates at a frequency of 2666 MHz at a supply voltage of 1.2 V. Timings-16-16-16-35. Dimensions of the modules are 133 × 32 × 7 mm.

To remove heat from the memory chips is a black radiator. Refers to compatibility with the Intel X 299, 300, 200 Series and AMD X 399, M4 Series.

Support for overclocking profiles Intel XMP 2.0, which will facilitate the selection of the settings of the memory subsystem in UEFI. The manufacturer provides the product with a lifetime warranty.
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