GlobalWafers and Siltronic will create the second largest supplier of silicon wafers

GlobalWafers and Siltronic will create the second largest supplier of silicon wafers
This year is characterized by a number of major transactions in the semiconductor sector-just remember the statement of NVIDIA's intentions to buy Arm. In the coming month, GlobalWafers and Siltronic, which are major suppliers of silicon wafers used for manufacturing microprocessors, may combine their assets. A new player will be able to claim the second place in the market.

The upcoming deal between Taiwan's GlobalWafers and Germany's Siltronic was reported by the Nikkei news Agency. Under the terms of the deal, GlobalWafers will buy Siltronic shares at 125 euros apiece, which is about 10% higher than the price of the last trading session. Shares of both manufacturers have risen tens of percent in the quarter, as demand for semiconductor components increased the need for silicon wafers. It is expected that the redemption of all shares Siltronic will require GlobalWafers costs in the amount of $4.5 billion.

As of the end of the first quarter, GlobalWafers ranked third in the world among silicon wafer manufacturers with a market share of 17 %, the German company Siltronic was in fourth position with 13% of the market. Japanese companies Shin-etsu Chemical (33 wacko and Sumco (25%) remained the leaders of the segment, but after the merger of GlobalWafers and Siltronic, the former will be able to claim the second position.

Participants in the deal expect that it will not take long to agree on the terms, and it will be finalized by mid-December. The agreement implies that the number of Siltronic employees in Germany will not be reduced until the end of 2024. Through this transaction, GlobalWafers will receive orders from European manufacturers of semiconductor components.
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