Google has released a smart speaker Nest Audio

Google has released a smart speaker Nest Audio
Today, Google has officially introduced the smart speaker Nest Audio, which finally replaced the original Google Home released back in 2016. Like the Nest Mini, the new speaker is completely finished with fabric, under which four bright LEDs are hidden, which turn on when interacting with the device.

In addition to the updated design and significantly improved sound, according to Google, Nest Audio provides functionality similar to other speakers with Google Assistant support. It plays music, controls smart home devices, reports the weather, and so on. Nest Audio can connect to other speakers to create a stereo pair or other configurations for multi-room audio systems. Google claims that the new smart speaker is 75 percent louder than Google Home and delivers 50 percent thicker low frequencies. The speaker body is 70 percent made of recycled plastic.

The main competitor to Nest Audio will be the Amazon Echo speaker, which is sold at the same price. The cost of Google's new smart speaker is $99. Nest Audio, available in five colors, will be released on the global market on October 15.
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