Google introduced the Chromecast TV keychain with Google TV

Google introduced the Chromecast TV keychain with Google TV
Today, Google held an online presentation of a whole constellation of new products. The first device that the company showed was the much-discussed Google Chromecast TV keychain with Google TV. For a small price, it can turn any TV with an HDMI connector into a smart one.

The new Chromecast boasts modest dimensions and unobtrusive design, while providing broad functionality. Externally, the device, which is available in the colors "snow", "sunrise" and "sky", resembles sea pebbles. The Chromecast remote control deserves special attention. In addition to the navigation area and eight function buttons, it has a microphone that is necessary for interacting with Google Assistant. The remote has an ergonomically rounded shape and is made in the same color as the Chromecast. The TV keychain supports 4K HDR video playback at 60 frames per second, and provides access to thousands of online channels and video services. From 2021, the device will also be able to offer support for the Stadia gaming service. It is worth noting that in addition to entertainment features, the new Chromecast provides control of smart home devices.

Characteristics of the device are not reported, however, according to previous leaks, it is based on a dual-core Amlogic processor and is equipped with 2 GB of RAM. Chromecast with Google TV costs $49. The device goes on sale in the US starting today. Chromecast with Google TV will be released on the global market on October 15.
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