Google Meet for Android and iOS now supports noise reduction

Google Meet for Android and iOS now supports noise reduction
Google continues to improve its own video conferencing service, Meet, making it more attractive to the audience. This time, a useful innovation appeared in the Meet app for Android and iOS. We are talking about the noise reduction function, which will be available to users along with the next update of the mobile program.

Notably, you won't need noise-canceling headphones to use the new feature. The fact is that the technology is based on an AI algorithm that works in the cloud, detects sounds and removes extraneous noise. This feature is available not only in the Meet apps for Android and iOS, but also in the web version of the service.

It is worth noting that the noise reduction function is disabled by default. You can activate it in the app settings menu, but you should do this before you are going to call someone. It is noteworthy that the new function is able to filter street noise, sound from keys when typing, etc. However, the voices of people talking nearby or the sound of the TV will not be filtered.

According to available data, the noise reduction system in Google Meet is not yet available worldwide. The new feature is currently unavailable in Australia, Brazil, India, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates. In other regions, it is gradually being rolled out and will soon become available.
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