Google will speed up the transition to the new Android

Google will speed up the transition to the new Android
When a user buys a new smartphone, it is not the easiest task to transfer all the important information to the new device. Google continues to work on simplifying the transition to a new device.

The next step in this direction should be the new Install Hints feature, designed to help you install the most important applications and start using your new smartphone as quickly as possible.

The feature was discovered by one of the distinguished users of the XDA Developers mobile community. According to the Google engineers ' description in the documentation, the Install Hints feature will allow online app stores like the Google Play Store to use four filters for different levels of urgency when installing a whole selection of apps at once-DEFAULT, FAST, BULK_CRITICAL, and BULK_NON_CRITICAL.

As a result, the most necessary applications with the BULK_CRITICAL flag will be installed first. These priorities can be set based on the user's installation and usage history.
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