Hard drives of up to 24 TB are expected to be available in 2022

Hard drives of up to 24 TB are expected to be available in 2022
The ever-growing demand for large storage media forces hard disk manufacturers to introduce new magnetic recording technologies every few years. But there are other ways to increase the capacity of hard drives. One of them is the use of a larger number of recording magnetic plates.

Toshiba was the first manufacturer to launch hard drives using nine recording plates several years ago. However, according to the StorageNewsletter resource, in the coming years, hard drives will appear on the market that will use 10 or more magnetic recording plates. This source learned from the company Hoya, which among other things is engaged in the production of blank plates for HDD.

According to the source, by the end of the year, Seagate plans to release the first HDD using Heat-Assisted Recording (HAMR) technology, which in the future will allow you to create hard drives up to 50 TB. Using HAMR technology will require Seagate to develop and implement new recording heads for hard drives, as well as switch to using glass plates with a special magnetic layer. The first generation of hard drives with HAMR technology will still use nine recording plates. But since glass "pancakes" will be thinner than traditional aluminum, this will allow you to create magnetic media with even more plates.

A recent study by analysts at Trendfocus, a company that analyzes the storage device market, suggests that in order to adapt HAMR technology, hard disk manufacturers will need to switch to using plates with a thickness of less than 0.5 mm. Only in this case it will be possible to produce drives with 10, 11, 12 and even a large number of disks for recording information. At the same time, analysts are confident that 10-plate HDDs will appear on the market much earlier than one might expect.
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