High demand for Core i9-10900K strengthened Intel's positions

High demand for Core i9-10900K strengthened Intel's positions
September brought an increase in the number of processors sold to the German store MindFactory.de at the same time, the share of AMD products decreased from 84 to 82%, and the strengthening of Intel's position from 16 to 18 % was largely due to the growing popularity of the Core i9-10900K model. In terms of revenue, AMD's positions fell back to the level of November last year (77 %).

In monetary terms, it was Core i9-10900K that provided Intel with a significant strengthening of its position in the sales structure of the German online store. In the rating of the most popular processors of the month, it rose from the sixteenth position to the sixth. Even the relatively "young" Core i9-10850K processor, which is considered a more affordable alternative to the older model, rose from 26th to 13th position in the MindFactory rating for September.

If we consider Intel processors separately, the models of the Comet Lake family managed to take 57% in physical terms and 65% in monetary terms by September. Obviously, in Germany, more productive and expensive Intel processors are in high demand. However, in the case of AMD processors, the preponderance of models of the "fresh" generation is even more obvious: in unit terms, 82% of sales in September were formed by representatives of the Matisse family, in monetary terms they accounted for 88% of sales.

The rating of the 20 most popular processors in terms of revenue in September changed significantly mainly outside the top five. The leader again became Ryzen 5 3600, it was replaced by Ryzen 7 3700X, and Ryzen 9 3900X is not the first month in a row takes an honorable third place. Intel Core i7-10700K came close to the top three, which is in fourth place, although in August it was content with sixth.

On the eighth of October, the formal debut of the new AMD Ryzen processors with the Zen 3 architecture, known under the symbol Vermeer, is scheduled. It is unlikely that the company will have time to start delivering new products in serious quantities before the end of the month, but already in the first weeks of sales it will be possible to judge how warmly they will be received by the public.
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