How fast was the Apple A14 in the iPhone 12

How fast was the Apple A14 in the iPhone 12
In the database of the popular Geekbench test application, the results of testing the latest Apple A14 single-chip system, which is produced according to the standards of the 5-nanometer technological process, have appeared.

In single-threaded mode, a mobile device with a single-chip Apple A14 system and 4 GB of RAM scored 1583 points, and when using all the cores of the new platform, the result was 4198 points.

For comparison, we can give the result of the most powerful gaming smartphone Asus ROG Phone 3, which is built on the basis of a single-chip system Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+. He scored 910 and 3229 points, respectively. And, for example, OnePlus 8 Pro based on Snapdragon scores 911 and 3276 points.

Twitter users estimated that the Apple A14 will be about 20% faster compared to the Apple A13. As for the upcoming flagship single-chip systems Exynos 1000 and Snapdragon 875, they should have about the same performance.
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