HTC's annual revenue decreased by 60 percent

HTC's annual revenue decreased by 60 percent

The Taiwanese manufacturer of mobile devices HTC summed up the work in December and 2018 in General, which was not very successful for the company.

Throughout the past year, HTC has been losing revenue. The most significant decline was recorded in September and October, when the company's annual revenue decreased by 81% and 78%, respectively.

In December, HTC showed revenue of approximately $ 44 million, which is 66% less than the result for the last month of 2017.

Revenue for 2018 as a whole amounted to about $770 million for comparison: in 2017, the company received about $2 billion in revenue. Thus, the fall was 62%.

NTS financial indicators are deteriorating due to weak demand for smartphones. However, the Taiwanese company is not going to leave this market. In order to strengthen its position in the first half of this year, the NTS plans to rely on the middle and high class models.

In addition, the company will focus on the development of artificial intelligence, blockchain technologies, virtual reality tools and devices with support for fifth-generation mobile networks (5G).

How effective all these measures will be will become clear closer to the middle of the year.
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