HTC will soon introduce fully wireless immersive headphones

HTC will soon introduce fully wireless immersive headphones
The national communications Commission of Taiwan (NCC), according to network sources, has certified a curious new HTC - fully wireless headphones of the immersive type.

The product still appears under the code name HTC TWS1, and the commercial name is not disclosed. It is known that buyers will be able to choose between white and black color options.

Photos published on the NCC website give an idea of the design of the new product. The delivery package is traditional: it includes a charging case, as well as independent modules for the left and right ear. The latter, as you can see, do not have a long leg, and the outer surface will act as a touch control pad.

It is known that each of the headphones is equipped with a 40 mAh battery, but the battery life has not yet been disclosed. The charging case has a built-in 400 mAh battery with charging via a symmetrical USB type-C connector.

Certification data also indicates support for Bluetooth 5.0 wireless communication. other details, alas, were not disclosed.
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