Huawei confirmed its intention to work with European Telecom operators

Huawei confirmed its intention to work with European Telecom operators
Telecom operators, under the onslaught of political factors, one after another refuse to use Huawei Technologies equipment when deploying 5G networks, but in some cases economic considerations still dominate. Huawei itself intends to continue working with European customers, no matter how difficult it may be to do so in the face of sanctions.

This was stated in an interview with Austrian media by Abraham Liu, Vice President of Huawei Technologies in Europe, as reported by Reuters. Since August, according to him, the situation has noticeably worsened, but the company does not lose confidence in its ability to supply European customers with equipment for 5G communication networks, since it carried out large-scale preparatory work in advance and invested in advanced technologies.

In Belgium, as the source notes, under pressure from the American side, Telecom operators have already abandoned Huawei equipment in favor of Nokia products. Their example is likely to be followed by Telecom operators in other European countries, but following the political situation in all such cases should be supported by material injections. It is no secret that Chinese Huawei equipment is often chosen by Telecom operators due to the company's more attractive pricing policy.

Abraham Liu admitted that the company has special problems with servicing Huawei smartphone owners in Europe. Google has deprived them of the opportunity to receive software updates for Android, and in total, 90 million people in the region are smartphone users of this Chinese brand. Huawei is currently in the process of finding a solution to this problem.
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